Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 9: mallacoota to eden

It was a smooth sailing 85 km today leaving in the cold from mallacoota. Mallacoota was rain pretty much most of the time . We wentto the market, saw matt Preston hit the lake on a zodiac that was waiting for him, so we quickly gave chase in a hire boat to the tune of James bond. Our hopes of snapping some paparazzi photos quickly dissolved when we realized we had to take a specific route thru the channel. All in all it was pretty non eventful trip on the lake (except for the obligatory I'm on a boat song).

There were a few hills on the way here which we don't mind as you then get some relief on the downhill. what made it all the more exciting was that rob did it in a wife beater from genoa onwards for $ 20 and suceeded in only getting burnt in 2 spots on his shoulder blades. He has still got 30km in it tomorrow for me to get my moneys worth and him to get the cash. We stopped for lunch at the border and remnantof 60s prestige. There wasn't any real excitement besides that which we were feeling and the picnic spots looked pretty abandoned and we thought what potential lost. As per usual getting a decent dinner was difficult and we think the classiest restaurant didn't like the look of us as they wouldn't give us a table despite dressing up in our finest tshirts reserved for sydney. So it was pizza again...

Average speed :17.2 km per hr (fi let us down on the hills in Eden... )
max speed 44.5
total trip 696.7 km
ride time 5hr 1 min
day distance 86.98 km

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  1. I had to look up who Matt Preston is. Story is now hilarious! Rob- sunburn bets, don't you learn?! That is worth so much more than the $20.... Happy New Year to you 3.