Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 4 - the trail to nowa nowa

Last night fi joined us in bairnsdale and today we left bairnsdale enroute to orbost via the rail trail. After 3 day of averaging over 100 km per day on the highway shoulder it was a pleasant change to complete 65km on the old rail trail. We passed a number of impressive old trestle bridges but conditions on the trail were harsh. tonight we've arrived at a tiny little town called nowa nowa - pop. 200. From ehat i could see The town had 3 buidings - a pub, a general store and catavan park. We decided to stay out of town 100 meters away at this neat caravan park backing on to the boggy creek. Inspired by the adventures of Kentuckian alex brown australian outback explorer,our evening began with a dip in the Jasper rich fresh water holes before feasting on mi goreng and Maggi noddles and stir fry veg.

From here on we're changing the schedule a little.

We're pushing to get to cape conran rather than just orbost and then cann river by new years eve. Fingers crossed the hotter temps don't bring any fires and/or dehyration with them.

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  1. Ha ha - I'm famous! Always a good idea to take a dip in the water to cool off. Practice that freestyle any? Enjoying the updates man. And happy new year. I'll be drinking one to your all's journey.